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Your adventure into the stunning Utah landscape begins near the Red Canyon Visitor Center, perched high upon the rocky cliffs of Flaming Gorge and offering a commanding view of the vast Red Canyon, carved by the Green River many eons ago.

Next, you’ll pass by Bryce Canyon National Park and get a crash course in the wild geology that created both Bryce and the Grand Staircase. Then, we’ll reach the staircase itself, and get insight into the ancient Fremont and Puebloans who once called this land home. We’ll also hear about the Paiute, who later occupied this harsh landscape and wove intricate legends about their place in it.

After that, we’ll leap back in time by an extra 75 million years to learn why the staircase is so rich in dinosaur fossils, including a T-Rex! Our next stop will be at the breathtaking Powell Point vista, where you can see the land unfurl for miles and miles in front of you.

As we keep driving, we’ll regale you with even more tribal legends and myths which are still such an important part of this land. Hear the story of when Coyote tried to ride the sun, and what was inside the mysterious sack offered by the Old Woman of the Sea.

We’ll then continue into the Escalante Petrified Forest, another geological time machine. The trees have long since turned to stone, and their ancient, multi-colored bark offers clues to the landscape’s distant past.

Our journey takes us next to Spooky Gulch, a particularly narrow and winding crevasse not for the faint of heart. If you’re able to make the squeeze, hiking through the gulch can be quite the experience.

Then, we’ll make our way to the Upper Calf Creek Falls and hear about the invisible life which is all around us in this seemingly empty landscape! Next, the road takes us along the famous Hogback, a dramatic, winding roadway with stunning views off to both sides.

Sail through the tiny town of Boulder (I’m talking a population of only 200!) and hear about the intrepid explorer who made a home for himself in this challenging area. Return to the Ice Age in the Dixie National Forest, then hear about the modern flora and fauna which flourish here.

Our adventure continues through the unique Heritage Overlook, where keen-eyed observers might be able to catch a glimpse of Glen Canyon, far to the southeast. Next, we move to Homestead Overlook, which affords a panoramic view of the whole landscape of Dixie Forest and the Grand Staircase.

As we make our way to Capitol Reef and the conclusion of our tour, we’ll hear the surprising facts about wildfires in this area, and how they actually help the forests survive and give rise to new generations!

What's included

• Self-guided tour taken via the Action Tour Guide app

• Unique password (sent by email) for access to Action Tour Guide app

• Live GPS map on your phone

• Audio narration

• Written text explanations

• Route from stop to stop

• List of stops along the route

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• Food or drinks

• Transportation

• Parking

• Entry to paid attractions

• Vehicle rentals

Important information

Within 30 minutes, you’ll get an email from Action Tour Guide with two things: a unique password and a link to the Action Tour Guide app. Download the app, enter the password and download the tour. If you don’t get the email within 30 minutes, please check your spam folder.

When you arrive, go to the Red Canyon Visitor Center to start the tour. Stick to the tour route and speed limit for an optimal experience.

This isn't an entrance ticket. Please check COVID rules and opening hours before your visit.

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